Richard Bucker

Meet meat

Posted at — Jan 11, 2014

Without passing judgment I recently became a vegan or actually a very strict vegan. I’m not sure if there is an actual name for a strict vegan but if you take the vegan diet subtract not subtract oils subtract avocados and subtract fructose corn syrup then that’s about where I am. As I go to the grocery store I’m constantly looking at products especially my favorite comfort foods and checking their ingredients. It is a shocking fact that a majority of the products that we consume they contain oils or animal product or byproduct.One perfect example is frosted mini wheat. Growing up it was one of my favorite breakfast cereals. Looking at the ingredients I noticed that gelatin is included. There are two forms of gelatin. The first comes from boiling animal hugs and cartilage and tendons. The second comes from seaweed however is very rarely used. So the question is why would frosted mini wheats need gelatin? I would’ve thought that it was used as part of the thickening process for the frosty side. After talking to the nutritionist at Kellogg it turns out that it’s used in the preparation of the wheat. I really like animal protein. There is nothing like a good sloppy Joe porterhouse steak porkchops or even lamb chops. However it seems excessive to include animal parts in everything we eat.