Richard Bucker

Merchandising and device accessories; chromebook

Posted at — Apr 25, 2015

As anyone who has watched SpaceBalls knows it’s merchandising. But what they don’t tell you is that the second level of merchandising hell is accessories.  If you need to see a better example it’s Apple. I have the strongest intuition that there is some formula somewhere that suggests the number of extra power supplies purchased by it’s customers is related to the cost and size of the power supply; all of which is offset by the battery life.Now the latest laptop from Apple has switched over to the new USB form factor and they are charging a premium for the computer and the dongles. DOH. They lost me as a customer here.I just purchased a chromebook pixel and I considered purchasing a second power supply. In the end I decided not to. The claim from Google:Up to 12 hours of battery life. Fast-charging gets you 2 hours of power in 15 minutes.*I’m still annoyed that they added the new USB form factor and that at east one of the ports has to be used for power but with 12 hours who cares. At least they included two legacy USB ports and still offer the SD card slot.The chromebook is going to be the ideal work laptop for me. (a) I do all my communication via google and keep everything in the cloud (b) I can use crouton for local development and I can switch back and forth between systems (c) I do the rest of my development remotely (d) and I’m less worried about my kids deleting the contents of my HDD.However… I still need to buy a Type-C to USB and Type-C to HDMI; there is a chance I might need a display port version but the cable is longer and less convenient.UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I get 1TB storage for 3 years and no cost. Which has a $300 value. This puts the cost/benefit way over the Apple.