Richard Bucker

metrics and monitoring

Posted at — May 24, 2015

Metrics and monitoring are related but not the same. Coda Hale has defined much of this field in a very generic way. Crowley ported hist ideas to go. As I construct services on bare metal, VPS, and containers I have varying needs for my OPS role. In the past I have used rddtool and graphite. Both projects are rock solid but they are starting to show their age. Not to mention there have been some projects that modernize the market.Go-metrics is a good project because it upgrade the glossary of terms so that it’s usage and context is clear where it’s predecessors was not as clear, however, it does not offer any sort of visualization.OpenTSDB - Open Time Series Data BaseThe prometheus project is an open source project from the prometheus team. it’s offered under the Apache 2.0 so it’s favorable, however, other than Google images I don’t see any application examples. (I thought prometheus was from soundcloud but it seems I’m mistaken).Bosun is offered under the MIT license and was developed by StackExchange. The GUI looks like it offers some advanced tools for the operator beyond just a dashboard although a dashboard is something I need. (OpenTSDB and the datastore that backs Bosun needs some review)Graphana has hit it’s stride. The project reached it’s 2.0 mark recently and it’s UI is very pleasing to the eye. In particular I notice that it supports influxDB which is currently free, open source, and has it’s own query language and UI. (go-metrics supports influxDB and there are plenty of native APIS for influxDB)This is still a work in progress. Comments welcome.