Richard Bucker

Micro Services Got It Wrong

Posted at — Nov 20, 2020

There was a time when I was sucked into microservices and then there was a time when I was repusled.

I spent the first half of my career converting monolithic applications to theclient/server and the second half converting client/server to monolithic.

I worked on a microkernel OS in the 80s-90s. All the complaints we had about MK can be applied to microservices. They are impossible to debug and depending on your deploy model may be imposible to audit. So it’s less than ideal for banking or transaction management.

keep in mind that when an organization does not have it’s own solutions the consultant ALWAYS advise something 180 degrees from where you are. Follow the money.

Another presentation I watched suggested that there was a misconception that one programmer should be limited to ownership of 3 microservices and another was 5. They got that wrong too. Most programmers have a lot more responsibility than that.

The justification for microservice it segmenting the problem space. That’s also a misconception. If the problems space is large enough that the space needs to be segmented then it’s likely that the space is simply too big.

Don’t do microservices.