Richard Bucker

Microsoft might be real competition for ChromeOS devices

Posted at — Apr 10, 2016

The sub-title for this article is “watch out Apple there is still live at Microsoft”.I’m trying to help my in-laws buy a new computer. My first inclination was that a Chromebox would be a good purchase. Between the autoupdates and the browser-only functionality I’m just liking the amount of “user support” I no longer have to perform.First things first. How much RAM do they need? A Microsoft help page suggests that 1GB is enough. Historically I have not been able to get much accomplished with less than 4GB and when developing applications of websites I need 8-16GB.But then I was on Dell’s site and they have a Chromebox looking device they call a “micro desktop” and it comes with 2GB of RAM, a Pentium process or and no upgrades. I’m not sure how old that processor is but it’s a lot of trouble for the marketing they are doing.The Chromebook form factor is great but the Dell parts are cheap and under powered. There must be a NUC out there that is better priced and equipped… but I am curious about the performance of those Dells'.