Richard Bucker

Minimal Linux Container Host

Posted at — Apr 22, 2015

VMware finally released it’s “Minimal Linux Container Host” (photon). This is supposed to be the shim between the container (Rocket or Docker) and the ESX or vSphere under-layer. I imagine that this is the same thing as what the OpenStack community is doing.From a business perspective this is just fine. ┬áThe containers that you would run in a kubernetes, deis, or similar orchestration framework would run on VMware or OpenStack; almost the same except OpenStack and VMware would be tasked to perform the orchestration. And there is nothing wrong with that if you’re more interested in the homogeneous container/VM experience and less about the density of the containers themselves.One of the selling points of containers is that they share the host operating system.Let me note that because of the magnification factor you could choose your own baremetal solution, install some type of JE (just enough) linux with some sort of PXE boot server and then build your own cloud installation as you need it. It’s surprisingly easy.As for the criticism for how photon was implemented or deployed; (a) it’s early stage in their implementation (b) as I mentioned it’s a specialized use-case (c) it’s also the unix way of things.