Richard Bucker

Minis Forum B550 Review

Posted at — Sep 15, 2022

Once I placed the order for the machine I tried to stop it. Partly because the delivery time bothered me but mostly because I realized the cost of the device was all about the travel case and the parts for turning a gaming rig inside out. I tried to put the parts inside the case but they did not fit.

Sure the case looks like fun but in must cases the case also provides sound insulation. Here everything is open. I suppose they want you to wear headphones or some such. It’s the same reason that the device has a huge power LED on the top. Something to draw attention to the machine.

I ditched Windows right away and installed OpenBSD 7.1. It was a simple installation for my chickens. The first boot after the install was weird because it was headless and did not seem to boot properly. On the second first book with a monitor I saw that some of the extra time was the 9 OpenBSD patches. And it’s running great.

assembling systems is not the same as building

I have yet to find out why mut this AMD Ryzen 7 machine had it’s hyperthreading disabled by default. This is a well know problem on Intel hardware but maybe this includes some the AMD CPUs. I have yet to confirm this. Of course this is not an iussue for me because I do not run unfriendly software or timeshare.

With no load the machine is pretty quiet. But maybe my lab is a little warmer. Given that the orientation is on it’s side in game rig mode I suppose I could set it on it’s side but I finaly opted for as usual.

I have not learned much about this piece of hardware. In fact I have no idea how to rate or rank the current set of CPUs and MOBO. Assembling systems is not the same as building them.