Richard Bucker

mobile first

Posted at — Jan 4, 2015

I’m writing this post in advance of my 10 day vacation but it seems appropriate nonetheless and by the time it posts I should have already returned.My employers, customers and family members have always had different ideas on how I should behave on my vacations. From totally connected to totally disconnected and all points in between. For me I like to be somewhere in between. For me it’s not about being “Wally Pipp” but about being responsible and taking pride and ownership.With that in mind I’m looking at my briefcase and wondering how I’m going to carry everything.ipad miniiphone11" macbook air15" macbook pro2x iPad 2’s with iGuy cases (say bulky)and then plenty of accessories and power adapters. And carryon for my, my wife, 2 kids and the huge double stroller. And let’s not forget winter coats and whatever the rest of the family is going to stuff into the stroller. Some of these are easy to carry and some are difficult. The iPads are trivial and the TSA does not require that they be taken out of your suitcases.Looking back this year I had promised myself that I was going to stuff everything in the cloud. And I seem to have forgotten this promise. My local storage is simply running out and I have to carry these two laptops with me. It’s exhausting.As I’m getting ready to head out the door I think the idea of mobile first for everything is the best plan. There are tools like prompt and diet coda that make things easier but they are incomplete without an end to end strategy. Even chromebooks are a good idea but they are just as bulky as any laptop but at least they make work time easier.So as I start on a complete mobile first strategy here are the first steps….Ditch the laptops. Install the necessary VPNs, add a bluetooth keyboard, install prompt and diet coda, pre download my code to the cloud servers and get ready for the fun.