Richard Bucker

Modern IDEs need better themes

Posted at — Jul 21, 2012

I do not really consider TextEditsublime text 2 or bbedit IDEs but they offer a robust set or developer tools within their tool chest. Others from JetBrains (pycharm, intellij, rubymine) and from ActiveState (komodo) which are more hybrid IDEs. And then NetBeans and Eclipse. One thing that irks me is that their theme managers are weak.All in all the themes themselves are nice looking but they miss the mark on so many levels. Some support named themes. Some support a common/shared format or bundles. Some are hosted with previews. Some are on github or similar. HOWEVER:(a) installation is anything but smooth(b) the base editors have mixed syntax support meaning that the number of different colors is sketchy(c) the colors are typically limited to the editing window and not the menus and surrounding UI widgetsInterestingly the best integration and themes seem to be implemented in the vi and it’s variants and emacs/x. Gotta love that console!