Richard Bucker

Mojolicious or TornadoWeb?

Posted at — Nov 25, 2011

It depends on what you are really trying to accomplish. ┬áIn a current project I’m using TornadoWeb to get the transaction through the ZeroMQ broker to a worker. (standard request/response broker implementation).Since I’m using TornadoWeb I needed to implement about 50 lines of glue code and I needed to hijack TornadoWeb’s IOLoop instance with the IOLoop from ZeroMQ. And since the work is only a few dozen lines of code … it’s all up for debate.In retrospect I think I should have gone with Perl+Mojolicious+beanstalk. It would have completely eliminated my own broker .. another 100 lines of code. Then there was the direct access to redis in tornadoweb.MEH! While I’m pragmatic that if I did not have to wtote an extra 150 lines of code then I would nto have to debug them either.This race between the two platforms is so close! (on any given Sunday)