Richard Bucker

Mongolab Surprise

Posted at — Sep 4, 2011

I’m still digging into all things NoSQL and I have tried mongohq in the past but now I wanted to try mongolab. I was not expecting anything too super fantastic as I created my user account, my database and then my first collection. But I was. I had a csv file on my Mac. I had previously installed mongo on my computer… I clicked on the import/export link on the mongolab website and they gave me a list of commands that I could copy/paste to the command line. After I inserted my username and password I executed it. It worked first time. Very nice. Viewing and editing documents is a snap but subject for some self exploration. Right now my only criticism is that it’s expensive and I cannot determine the value proposition solely based on the webapp. I could install a mongodb server for a small fraction of cost and then clustering and ha become something I can measure.