Richard Bucker

monolithic code repo does not mean monolithic executables

Posted at — May 7, 2012

The title of this article just about says it all.(1) There is something to be said for having multiple github repositories. This is mostly beneficial when you are a project owner and really need or want to split the code into usable verticals.(2) but when you an a company with limited resources or SCCS challenged resources then you might consider a monolithic approach.(3) The monolithic approach is not to be feared. The notion of namespaces is still maintained. Any lib can include any lib without having to build sub-modules and it gives global visibility to all of the source and not some module off the side.(4) From time to time, however, devs think that a monolithic code tree means a monolithic application. This could not be farther from the truth. The release process of a monolithic application is much longer than a narrow vertical.**The monolithic code repo does not mean a single homogenous language or environment either. Just everything in one place.