Richard Bucker

More Cost vs Weight

Posted at — Sep 29, 2018

Six Moon Designs… 26 oz and $200 for a 1P tent. You can decide if the weight of the pole is included in the weight … I think it should but weights vary.The is a small 1P tent offered by Amazon it weighs just over 4 lbs but costs $50Here’s the odd man out… a 2P tent costs $52 on Amazon and weighs JUST under 3 lbs.This Andake costs $107 at 1.7 lbs which is pretty close to the Six Moon Designs at half the price and will ship for free from Aamzon.And this pyramid tent weighs 2 lbs and costs $119.And this one is nice too as a 1P at 2.5 lbs and $44The moral of the story… decide how much you want the tent to weigh and then how much you want to pay. You’ll fond something on Amazon that can be there in a reasonable time… make sure it’s already in the US because if you have to wait for US customs it might take a while.There is nothing wrong with any of these tents but I prefer a tarp and a bugnet or bivy. I like to look around and see what’s going on. My tarp+bivy shelter runs in the same price range and the one I’m currently leaning toward is from Paria because it’s inexpensive and pretty light weight.