Richard Bucker

more plausible than not

Posted at — Sep 3, 2015

While the NFL has stated that it is “more plausible than not” whether Tom Brady knew about, instructed, approved or participated in the deflating of the footballs used to win the semifinal game last season … the NFL has reversed course on the punishment it handed out.What a shame! Though professional athletes have been criticized for all the drugs, performance enhancement, salary caps, domestic abuse, contempt for the fan, fighting with fans…. the one thing that we have collectively agreed upon is that cheating is unacceptable. The NFL is not a democracy. You do not have a right to play in the NFL. It is a privilege and an opportunity. One for which you, the pro athlete, are paid very well. Besides being “more plausible than not” the New England Patriots have a history of bending the rules and even cheating. Bill Belichik should have been banned from the game for his participation in the taping of the Jet’s practices. (or whatever that was). The Patriots are a dirty team. They cheat. They just have better lawyers than the NFL.