Richard Bucker

Mosh - mobile shell

Posted at — Mar 2, 2014

Mosh version 1.2.4 is out and I’m not sure whether or not it’s a new release or not however I did read a recent posting. Two things caught my attention specially based on previous posts of mine where I criticized wash for its claims to be more secure than SSH.The first changes that the mosh website now no longer makes the claim that it is more secure than SSH.The second change is that the website also suggests that because it uses UDP instead of TCP that it is less desirable to use it on production machines.The only conclusion I can come to his that Mosch is not really a secure alternative to SSH. The certain reality is that if you have to remotely connecting to a server that machine should always be considered production. It does not matter whether or not that machine is actually a development machine or not. Hey vulnerability to one machine is tantamount to a vulnerability in all machines. All of the advantages of using UDP I no longer valid if you have to total through a TCP VPN.