Richard Bucker

moving in the same direction - failing fast

Posted at — Dec 13, 2013

I was looking for the quotre that Timothy Ferriss used about when everyone is moving in the same direction then check the other direction; or something like that. There are nearly 2300 quotes with the meaning or spirit of “direction” on the site. Reading myself dizzy I realized that there are as many half full quotes there are half empty. As many quotes about moving in the same direction there are an equal number about going against the grain.So while I’m reading the book “Rework” the author makes a great point. “failing fast” is for the other guy not you or your project. This can be seen as going in the other direction because “failing fast” seems to be in vogue. Personally I hate the idea of failing fast. You do not go to the World Cup finals, get scored on in the first 5 minutes and then just stand there for the next 85 minutes. That would be a lot more than a failure and plenty of people would be losing their jobs.