Richard Bucker

Mr Bumpy Lives

Posted at — Sep 10, 2016

I do not know what made me think of it … I was in the garage just looking around and I did not see anything in particular. Maybe I was thinking of simpler times…I was late to the dot-com thing… and I was late to the unix thing… and I was late to the silicon valley thing.The startup I worked for could not decide who it’s customer was and how it was going to make money. It took a great deal of time for them to figure it out and in the end we could have done much better but the chasm between senior management and the people who got them there grew.I had no management training and I never had a mentor. I learned by watching my manager and by treating others as I wanted to be treated. I also interviewed a lot. I stumbled upon the Silicon Valley method of stupid question interviewing after visiting Amazon about 25 years ago.While I was an OS/2 user and like the early Macs; OS/2 was long since dead and the Mac was still too expensive. I was just starting to get into Solaris and then I had Slackware Linux running on a pocket sized Sony laptop. I had heard about linux sysadmins giving themselves silly alias or usernames. I happened to watch an episode of “Bump In The Night” and I liked the Mr Bumpy character… So everything I did was attributed to that alias.Just like the dot-com that passed me over, so did my interest in aliases although my Indian Princess name is Chief Gummy Bear and I thought I would use it as my trail name. OS/2 is not quite dead yet but there isn’t much interest. It is the sort of thing that textbooks will be written and studied. Sadly while Linux/BSD have been my thing for over 25 years by now it is sub-optimal. Systems like erlang on xen seem to be the way to go.