Richard Bucker

multipurpose reflectix asian field hat

Posted at — Oct 18, 2016

I do not know what the real name for this design is but I can remember seeing them in various Hollywood films like James Bond and Rambo. Not withstanding I say a hiker on TeamZPacks wearing one but I thought I could improve the design a little although I have no idea if I’ll fry my brain or not.In the following picture the hat is now a funnel or a rain catcher. With some accessories I can filter water into my dirty bottle or catch normal rain. With drip coffee and a filter I could also make a cup of java.Opening the velcro it could make a nice pad for a puppy.Folding it in half or quarters it could be a kneeling pad or butt pad.Also in quarters it makes a nice DUAL rehydration cozyAnd lastly it offers [a] rain protection [b] sun protection [c] larger circumference for a bug net [d] bugging from the NSA (kidding)