Richard Bucker

Music music music

Posted at — Jun 18, 2014

One of my fondest memories of my daughters first year was the number of times that we would watch Elmo use Abbycadaby’s magic wand to make people sing. The sad thing is not all music services are like.Apple’s iTunes which costs $35 a year you get access to a matching service and a radio application.Spotify costs $10 a month and while there are a plethora of features and functions the radio play is not very random.Pandora costs $35 a year and get their random play appears to be the best however they don’t provide a desktop app or a minimized app.¬†Amazon’s prime music ¬†effectively costs $10 a month however it does not have the music library that the others have and it does not have a radio feature. The curated playlists are not very good.Google’s Music service offers a random play however it’s not very random.With the exception of Pandora all of these services were meant to the music stores and not radio stations. The subscription fees are simply meant to subsidize the cost of the music.