Richard Bucker

My own questions about deflategate

Posted at — Jan 25, 2015

If found to be responsible for the pressure difference in the game balls… what would the penalty be? Could it or would it disqualify the New England Patriots from the SuperBowl? Would it be an immediate forfeiture? Would they advance their previous opponents?The answer to that is a resounding no! (a) The Indianapolis Colts are not prepared to play the game and have probably been eating pizza and donuts ever since the loss to the pats. (b) then again the SeaHawks have been practicing for a game against the pats. (c) All the money spent on everything from T-shirts to advertising based on the SeaHawks vs Patriots. So it’s just not going to happen.What could happen, however, is that Brady and Belichick could be benched for the big game or maybe banned for life with no hope for the hall of fame; and of course millions in fines for defaming the NFL brand.But while everyone seems to end the question there… there are still a few unanswered questions.If you were New England, why would you wait until the second to last game of the season to change the ball’s air pressure. This maneuver could clearly backfire. So how much preparation and premeditation was involved in this?Where the Colt’s balls equally effected by the weather?Higher ball pressure would be required by the kickoff and field goal units. Could that be the 1 in 12?The pressure differential was reported as an additional 2lbs different. That’s nearly 20%. Does anyone really think that none of the players would notice the difference?Actually there would have to have been a conspiracy and it will eventually crumble. While the team has a lot to gain from the events they are clearly disproportionate. Where were the equipment coaches? Frankly they are supposed to keep an eye on the balls to make sure someone else does not manipulate the balls.I would like the teams to clarify if the teams use their own balls exclusively?It’s a lose-lose either way. The Patriots are actually Benedict Arnolds. As for innocent until proven guilty? The democratic process does not apply here. The NFL is a monarchy and the Commissioner is king; therefore it will be ruled from upon high.Update: and then there is the science