Richard Bucker

my shelter before and after

Posted at — Feb 17, 2017

I’m anticipating my next overnight in the everglades. My new gear is 1/3rd smaller than the before and only weights 1/3 of the before.BEFORE - 24oz and I need to add a groundsheet 2-3ozAFTER - 8ozI have a short todo list. The ground sheet needs to be trimmed in order to act as a floating tub for the zpack tent. Also the lines need to be trimmed and installed.I do have a small criticism of ZPacks the company. They are clearly opinionated about their product and I cannot find fault with that. Watching video of their facility makes me think they are professional. And while I still need to deploy my new arrival there are aspects of the product and their website that lead me to believe that there is still quite a bit of bare knuckles going on. From my vantage it appears that the website is built on one of those microsoft desktop apps instead of a professional store. After finding a bug and in a followup conversation with Joe, the owner, my opinion was confirmed.