Richard Bucker

My waterproof pack and contents are still light enough

Posted at — Oct 26, 2016

There is an advantage to having a waterproof pack so long as there are pockets and tie downs. There is also an advantage to having an extremely light pack like a ZPack Zero (4oz) and even though everything fits inside but with proper organization you probably won’t notice the missing pockets.Packs are one of the BIG-3 items you carry.One recurring recommendation is to have a trash compactor bag as a pack liner. This is meant for non-waterproof bags where the contents might get wet. For example you might stuff your wet tarp at the bottom of the pack and then put your dry clothes inside the pack liner.My Yukon El Capitan has arrived after being repaired and I filled it with an UltraLight set of gear. This kit assumes that my clothes will be sufficient to keep ┬áme warm at night. As I recently reported that’s not likely to be the case. I should have included my SOL bivy and the kit would be complete except that once you use the bivy it’s next to impossible to put back in the stuff stack..Contents:packhammock, pad, pillow, groundsheet, tarp, stakes, guys and suspensionshemog, micro fiber towelsDIY hydration hosegaitersfirst aidcordagewater kitponcho/tarpcook kitEDC knife, compass, whistle, fero rodfire kitduct tape (wrapped on water bottle)dirty water bottlemaps, guide book and data bookbear bagConsumables:water - 1Linstant coffeesnacks and dehydrated food (1.5 lbs per person per day)I have not weighed this configuration yet but my intuition suggests it’s under 10 pounds.NOTES:The tarp will either be dropped because I have the poncho/tarp or because the new Snugpak Stasha tarp is a better fitThe SOL bivy will be replaced with a real bivy as it is nearly impossible to put in it’s stuff sack.while I was able to get the sleeping pad rolled up there is no point in that. I’ll probably leave it open in the future and put the manual pump and patch kit into the first aid kit