Richard Bucker

natures TV - solo stove and swedish torch

Posted at — Jan 26, 2017

There is nothing special about today except that I watched part of the ABC/Trump interview last night and it only serves to confirm my opinion of trump and what might be in store for Americans and “people of the world”.I had some leftover birch from last year when I was testing my knives, axes, feathersticks and firemaking. And so I decided to make a fire this morning and watch some TV.The wood is birch so I use the bark as tinder. I also used some dryer lint to get the initial spark from my fero rod (light my fireĀ + mora) I also created some feathers in the center of the stove as well as generally roughed the center.The spark caught right away and I dropped the lint into the center of the torch. I suppose I could have lit the lint on top of the torch instead of the concrete. That way, once lit, I could have knocked the flaming lint into the center with the knife instead of risking a possible burn.The torch did not take long to flame. Also the gasification function of the solo stove also helped too.<iframe allowfullscreen=" class=“YOUTUBE-iframe-video” data-thumbnail-src=“" frameborder=“0” height=“266” src=“" width=“320”>Gotta love “natures TV”.One downside is that I noticed that the torch is started to fall apart. At least one segment of the torch broke and fell out of the stove… minutes later a second. It is a good thing that I’m burning this wood on my concrete deck and not in the dry woods or everglades. And then there is a 3rd.By now the gasification is in FULL swing. This must be causing the wood to burn faster closer to the ports. So far I have been able to use my mora to stab the pieces that fall out and put them back in the stove without damage to the knive or burning myself.This should serve as a reminder to constantly watch your fire.