Richard Bucker

NCAA Football Ranking

Posted at — Oct 11, 2015

Last night Florida State University’s football team(Seminoles) beat the University of Miami (Hurricanes), however, it was not an assured victory before the opening kickoff. While the Seminoles had the lead going into halftime it was not decisive and the third quarter was dominated by the Hurricanes. I was not until the last 5 minutes and then the last minute of play when the Noles took the lead and held it. But it was never a lock.At the time time; the broadcasters were showing other scores from around the country. That included TCU(2) vs Kansas St. Late in the 4th quarter it also appeared as if Kansas might upset TCU and while that sort of upset would be great for FSU it also points to how awkward and unreasonable the ranking system is.Both Kansas St. and U of M are unranked teams, and if history is a teacher than, a victory would have severely damaged the ranked teams they played. It seems to me that a team can be a spoiler by merely preparing for the one game… It has been rumored that U of M may fire it’s coach. So it seems odd that his team would pull out such a strong performance against such a strong team. I suppose there are a number of factors from the coaches perspective… if he’s a conservative coach and with his job on the line makes some unexpected choices… then I get it.But I doubt it.A system that favors the spoiler is not an equitable system. Especially when not all teams play each other. I suppose it’s better than nothing but it could certainly be better.Another note… strength of schedule is only an estimate before and during the season. It’s not until the last game has been played that the actual strength is known.