Richard Bucker

Need a new phone

Posted at — May 3, 2015

I think they call my Nexus 6 a phablet. It’s too big to be a phone and too small to be a tablet. Granted U should not be calling or texting while I’m in the car and we already have Bluetooth headsets for those handsfree moments… but there is nothing like the visceral experience of holding a phone in your hand. And unless you’re a 20-something you remember pure cellphone envy when the Startac phones were first released on the public.Given the complexity of phones today I doubt that the actual Startac could compete. And this idea of an embedded phone is silly.But there is something to be said for a Bluetooth device that is synced with my phablet in my backpack. Something that might respond to a few basic commands and then act as a high quality phone. The best part is that the phone was so small and light it was easy to put in my pocket. It never generated heat when in standby mode. The battery lasted a nice long while, had a high capacity option and was replaceable.Bluetooth circuitry is very small and sips power. I’ve owned some earpieces with hundreds of hours or standby time and hours of talk.PS: ┬áThe Startac came in may flavors. (link)