Richard Bucker

Need for Speed

Posted at — Apr 30, 2020

Is the Edgerouter-X fast enough to support symetric 1Gbps from my ISP? Actually the first question is: Is it really synetric or is it shared? When the manufacturer says that the Raspberry Pi NOW has a 1Gbps ethernet socket. Is it total capacity or max one-way? They never say.

When scanning the UI.COM website for hardware specs UI intentionally never provides apples and apples descriptions. Some times they describe packets per second and some times data rates. The problem is I cannot compare the Edgerouter-X to the Edgerouter-6p and come up with some justification for $150 more for the latter.

Worse yet I was not able to convert my Edgerouter-X configuration to Edgerouter-6p. It seems reasonable that I should be able to import the configuration… upgrade hardware… spend more money… (downgrade not so much).

So when I look at the Edgerouter-X and I run an iperf test with one thread and then multiple threads… the results were the same. Just under 1Gbps. This kinda made sense… The sockets in the router and the test machines are all 1Gbps rated. Whether reading, writing or both the sum was still almost 1Gbps. When I increased the number of nest nodes from 2 to 4 nodes the aggregate speed was not 2Gbps but something fractionally faster that 1Gbps.

Running the same tests on the Edgerouter 6p returned very similar results. With just the two test machines the results were close to 1Gbps. And when spinning up the next two machines I was somewhat closer to 2Gbps. This was fantastic. I had run this same test with the Edgerouter 10x and while the first test was in the same range the second was not. The 10x device performed almost exactly like the X model.

And as I sit here thinking about returning my new Edgerouter-6p because while it has some overall speed benefits I have to consider my KPI.

So it’s time to return the junk and move on. The model X is what we call good enough.