Richard Bucker

New Book idea - Startup Accounting

Posted at — May 16, 2012

Commenting on articles has been a bit of a hobby for me lately. In this latest installment I take on the startup entrepreneur. In some circles they can and cannot spell. But how are they able to afford things?For one; they hire cheap labor. They may be programmers themselves. They hire college programmers trading compensation for internships with ping pong tables or stock options. They practice silent HR discrimination trying to determine who has a family and who has kids. Or trying to determine who can work nights and weekends. Many, however, will not outsource because they are actually trying to protect some unrealisticĀ intellectual property, however, some companies have opened development offices in the remote reaches of the world like Dublin Ireland.And that’s about. it.PS: the bit about the HR department was recently reported on the national news.