Richard Bucker

New Language Bust

Posted at — Sep 11, 2020

I just installed qemu on several machine in my DEV environment only to realize it’s a bust and my concerns about a tech pandemic are probably real.

The latest version of QEMU is 5.2.0. The problem here is that the default package managers for Debian on ChromeOS, FreeBSD and OpenBSD are not current enough to be interesting. And then there are all those deps. In one case it seemed that once you decide to source you may need to go full source.

Continuing… Zig and the videos and live coding sessions have all been interesting but they are no where ready for any coding and there is no way it’s ready for production. The documentation needs a big leap and I would have missed a lot of it if it were not for the the leaked URL in one of the videos… but since I write web abd DB applications this is a path I connot spend any time one. ALSO while it seems to have some killer cross compiling features it’d be impossible to regenerate from scratch in a pandemic.

C++… sh-t I hate C++. I remember working the nightshift at a gas station teaching myself C++ by comparing the Borland C++ reference to the Boarland Pascal reference. I hated it then and I hate it now.

Lua… one thing I really liked about Lua was that ALL of the code was written in C. By itself it’s quite capable as a framework. The parser is pretty simple and the structure of the language internals seems very virtual or emulated… ie the parameters are a callstack of sorts.

nim… said enough about that

My TCL implementation is still in it’s infancy, however, it can do real work. That’s partly because the stratification of the tools and the robustness of golang. I would replace either with a more promising project if one existed.

On the radar… MicroPython (hate tabs).

I think I still need to get qemu to run. The benefit in terms of a non-container container is too strong of a bait.