Richard Bucker

New Linux Distro

Posted at — May 8, 2020

C-19 has been good for one thing; I have been able to test new linux OS installations. For example I have found that ClearLinux, from Intel, is fast and boots faster than ChromeOS. Pop!-OS 20.04 is new and has plenty of polish… I’ll come back in a minute.

In the last 2 days I have seen a number of Ubuntu and Fedora releases but the one that caught my attention was UbuntuDDD. I’m just not sure where the DDD part comes from.

DDD is an alias for Deepin. And Deepin Linux comes from China. And if you are a Zoom user and/or security novice you know there are some issues with Zoom sending data to China. As users, even if the servers are local we have no idea if they are a MITM proxy to China.

I do not hate China. Like every virus they’re just trying to stay alive and grow like everyone else in the petri dish.

Frankly I do not care where the software comes from so long as all of the holes have been disclosed.

Richard Stallman may have been right but he may also been very wrong.