Richard Bucker

Next Smartphone

Posted at — Jan 31, 2022

In 25 years I’ve had many different cellphones and smartphones. When I purchased my first iPhone I was all-in with the Apple ecosystem … but then basic tasks just got difficult. A cascade of things to do in order to get basic tasks complete and even becoming a developer was complicated. The Microsoft API-hell model was fully embraced. The only thing Apple technology is good for is when you just need one device to get one thing done and even that’s not good enough.

Now the Android competition is getting or continues to gain steam. I’m not crazy in love with Android. The idea that I have to write Java while better than swift is still overly complicated. The number of APIs required to get basic things done is crazy. (I have my own opinion there).

In recent years I’ve been a motorola user. They are cheap and I’d rather replace the phone than repair it… It’s the same price. Can’t say that for Apple or Samsung. But now that I take a lot of video of my kids soccer I need a better phone and more storage. These cheap phones are just slow.

Even though Google hardware tries to keep pace with Apple and Samsung in quality and features it always starts off feeling like a developer addition and rough around the edges. And they are expensive and not so cutting edge. But they are considered a premium brand. It’s interesting that Google does not provide specs so that they can be compared to the rest of the industry. Although they say 8x zoom but so does my cheap moto.

This is a stupid expensive phone and lacks premium features.

FUD… wish I knew whether they really tried to backdoor the US.

I’ve had a number of early Nokia phones. They had decent batteries with robust charging adapters. My only complaint is that the displays had gaps and so the dust in my jeans pockets would always frost the screen. And while it worked it just bothered me.

Currently the Nokia 8.3 5G and G50 are pretty good. The CPU is a little better than the motorola and camera, RAM and storage are all better too.

These guys just want to be Apple. Everything is expensive. Even the cheap ones are.

Strange mix of specs.


… as I’m running out of gas on the topic.