Richard Bucker

Nexus 6 + Android 5.1

Posted at — Apr 26, 2015

What have I done? It’s one thing to have a ChromeOS or laptop fully baked into the Google experience but my initial reaction to the Nexus 6 + Android 5.1 is less than stellar. I have become somewhat dependent on some iPhone features:

Other complaints
  • waking the android from sleep always causes a burp from the audio (might actually be defective)
  • The ATT splash screen has to go. In fact there should be no splash audio because you never know where you’re going to be powering up
  • I did manage to lose some contacts as I migrated. The contact was in my Apple contacts but not my Gmail contacts… and it should have been
  • Hangouts and Message are junk. Hangouts cannot determine what it is and Message is anemic. Somewhere in there should be something that looks like Fi.
Of course
  • I’d really like to be able to delete the standard apps like mail in preference of the gmail version (Where is Microsoft Explorer now?)
  • I really hate that they changed the power connector
Frankly it’s not good for either company. Maybe I should have gone with the Samsung or the LG?

OMG and there is the whole unification thing with messenger that I forgot about.  My wife’s address book think I’m an iPhone user when I’ve switched. Not she’s texting me and I’m not getting the messages because It’s the internal Apple message system. sigh

UPDATE: Android has a do not disturb feature although it works it was not designed by a UX developer or maybe they were trying to avoid a patent lawsuit.