Richard Bucker

Nexus 6 - screen repair

Posted at — Nov 30, 2015

I have a plain 32GB Nexus 6; manufactured by Motorola. As far as I know it’s an AT&T locked model (more later). I never took the packaged screen protector off and I never put on an aftermarket protector either. Makes sense for women with diamond earrings but not me sigh.I dropped the phone about 10 days ago and while I was very angry that I dropped the phone I was not at all surprised. I was even a little happy because the AT&T splash screen is awful and I had converted the phone to developer mode so I could install marshmallow.So I bought a Nexus 5x and before it arrived I decided to return it. I had a severe case of buyers remorse. So when it arrived I immediately initiated the return process (completed).I called a few local repair stores. Neither had parts. The one I talked to this morning told me that the repair was going to cost $400. Shit! Now I had returners remorse.As I was noodling things I found the Motorola website. They had a few options for a repair. The one that I opted for was a secured replacement. Motorola is going to send me a replacement and then I send the damaged phone to them. The repair is going to cost $200 (instead of the $400) and they will secure the second phone with a $500 security deposit. ($700 out of pocket for the moment and they will return $500 when they receive the damaged phone).What have I learned?The smaller phones are better since they are phones.If I need a reading device then I should get one of those too.The local repair place is not a bargain and so the next time I have to repair an iPhone I should check the prices. I know that one time an Apple retail location took $200 from me but that was because the battery was not working and the phone was out of warranty.My next phone needs to be an android even though Apple seems to be defacto leader. The phone needs to be unlocked. And cheap to repair. Modern in that it has all the latest features including a hires camera and plenty of memory. And it needs to fit in my hand.