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Nightmare Systems

Posted at — Jan 6, 2022

Complexity is nightmare. With over 35 years of experience writing in many different languages everything from firmare/BIOS, device drivers, operating systems, traditional client/server application, batch, mobile and desktop applications, and so on … traditionally the hardest part was the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle). You might think it’s about PAPER or PLASTIC but it’s much more than that.

Consider a simple assembler add in struction. ADD AX, 0200 In 1983 this instruction would take just a few clock cycles to execute. ADD [SI], 0200 might take a few more. But in modern hardware the time is a fraction of 1983. However, since 1983 “we” have been piling layer after layer of code. Sometimes that code offered features and advantages and other times it was just layers of cruft. (let me add some code to test this and that value before actualy doing the work) Yikes, just look at the auto-tools.

Next failure to reuse means that [a] code is less reliable and all that functionality needs to be tested AGAIN so many more opportunities for failure; and [b] then there is the need to do the work a second time; and [c] then there is heat you generate doing the same.

The plan is to thin the stack from the hardware to the application. Of course that might mean running the app bare metal see DOS, Xen, LLVM, and a few others. But it’s also about being full stack from the hardware to the application and in this fashion it means hosting a managable amount of system knowledge; changing the attack surface area; fixing the cost/reward ratio.

REFS (actual links omitted on purpose)


linux frm scratch


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