Richard Bucker

NodeJS frameworks

Posted at — Dec 23, 2014

In summary I’m not a fan of the nodejs platform or the web frameworks that have evolved from it. on the other hand I might not have a choice if someone else is throwing the switch so I guess I should know a little something about it/them.I just watched several videos covering meteor, sails, deployd, and I have written a few express and hapi apps; this article is a good summary. Total is another candidate although new and not much of a following. When it comes down to it anything beyond yellow world required a lot of work and when you get to the edge cases it’s even more complicated.The only silver lining is that meteor offers a comprehensive book and video collection called discover meteor. The next step is going to be trying to identify how all of this might integrate into a docker or rocket strategy such that real work can be accomplished at scale.PS: I ignored a large number of frameworks. ┬áIn fact any framework that claimed to be the NG or next generation of framework was ignored immediately… It is hard to ignore a purple cow in a field or normal cows but difficult to see a purple cow in a field of purple cows. Not to mention that NG is related to time and without a reference point everything is NG.