Richard Bucker

NodeJS vs Hello World vs Real World

Posted at — Mar 11, 2013

NodeJS and it’s companion modules are capable of the simplest hello world applications but when it comes to doing anything real it falls flat on it’s ass and it should be no surprise since the overall quality of the docs, quantity of 1.x modules, and breadth of coverage in areas like databases is very slim.The only thing it’s useful for is possibly the C10K problem, natural JSON handling, and forwarding the transactions to a BUS for real worker processing.Even worse is that the deferred, promise, callback - actor models are a problem unto themselves. Try to do anything more complex than a single table lookup and you will spend all your time building scaffolding to work around callbacks or nested promises.And finally, if you do not offload the real work to a worker process implemented in a more traditional stack the number of simultaneous threads, processes, or working units will explode exponentially as each request spawns any number of callback tasks.