Richard Bucker

not all containers need to be micro

Posted at — Aug 1, 2016

Redbeard did a presentation¬†last year and his hypothesis is/was “no large containers”. On the surface I agree, however, it’s not always fat and skinny.I’ll present a single argument.I use my CoreOS host for everything from development to production. The idea that I can expect the CoreOS host to be auto-updated and leave me in the same general state is highly desirable. That I can load a different development environment in separate containers is also highly desirable. The last thing I want to do is manage and maintain Ubuntu and CoreOS hosts. This means that as a ¬†true DevOps I have day to day experiences with the entire stack and not just intermittent as I deploy of repair systems. If that were the case then I should go back to RHEL or Ubuntu.As for buildroot. That’s an awesome project and having a container that could build images directly from buildroot in a way that RB likes would also be desirable as it is complicated to maintain. Anyway…