Richard Bucker

Nothing Better Than C

Posted at — May 31, 2020

“when I read C I know what the assembly language will look like” – Linus Torvolds

I have said similar things because I come from the same place if not just a few years after. I started at a time when C was in use but not favor. Also IBM was still doing a lot of assembly based embedded systems.

I had a chance to play with some C++ and the assembly is a mess along with most other languages. I should be checking NIM, Lua and tcl… which are interpreted.

Interesting that they say that Lua is ANSI-C and compiles with a Cor C++ compiler. I’m pretty certain this means they would generate the same results.

NIM is kinda a language translator because it takes the nim code and then produces javascript, C, C++. So having C as output means the assembler is predictable. But also the NIM code could share API.

tcl has a number of different flavors. jim, tcl; both written in C. And other interpreters.

Nothing else to see here.