Richard Bucker

Now that's a knife

Posted at — Jul 6, 2016

My new Mora knifes arrived. The 746 Allround and the Allround Multi-purpose (I’ll refer to it as the MP).top to bottom: Companion, 748MG, Pathfinder, MultipurposeIt’s easy to see the blade length and once you’ve handled a SCHF37 you’ll know just how special Mora knives are. In practical terms I went directly to my pile of processed word and started making feathersticks. These knives are the sharpest yet.Given the 8.1 inch length of the MP I was surprised how light it is. The thing about the short blades is that your stroke to make a feather is shorter and with the long blade the stroke is longer. That means that more of the blade will tear at your skin until your nerves report any sort of pain to your brain. I have the cuts to prove it.I do have one complaint. The sheathes.The MG and MP sheathes are made from the same plastic, however, the lops are either leather, pleather or some other synthetic that is not webbing. Also missing is some kind of piggyback that many of the shorter knifes have. I’m also not sure if I’d neck carry on of these.I think the best option would be one of those multi setups that Mora has for the Konsol or Garberg.PS: after watching a family camping video from Joe Robinet where in he chipped his razor sharp ax on something that was embedded in the end of the wood segment he was processing I’m not sure what my position is on things.I have seem more than one demo by professionals where the presenter was in harms way while swinging an ax. While I’ve cut my fingers processing wood this could have been easily prevented by wearing gloves. But the ax can do much more than just break the skin. Using the saw and baton might take longer but it’s safer. Not to mention that even if you had a dedicated heavy batoning knife it will probably be lighter than the ax.I have a Mora hatchet and I’m not sure how that figures in yet. Again the risks are similar to the ax. There is a lot of energy moving in the blade where the baton does not have a blade and the force of the blade is moving in one direction meaning that the blade is not going to jump and cut your foot off.The MG is just a little shorter than the pathfinderBig and Tall belt carry. Depending on how big and tall you might be you gotta be careful. Sheathing a knife and not taking care you might give yourself a severe laceration. So make sure you do not have too much overhang if you know what I mean.