Richard Bucker

Nyxt Lisp Browser

Posted at — Jun 24, 2021

I just watched a few minutes of a video talking about the Nyxt browser. The browser seems to be implemented in lisp and while I expected it to behave like a typical browser the authors themed it after emacs and vim as a sort of afterthought. But really it’s more emacs-like than traditional browser and that’s my complaint. I truly home this is not an emacs-me-to sort of thing… frankly I thought this feature already existed in emacs. anyway…

The one reason I would have liked this browser is for the same reason I have created my own DSL. The idea that I can define what works and what does not. That makes it even harder for attackers… it also means that when the tech pandemic arrives or the next CTO wants to make their mark… the base language need only be changed and the intellectual property in the implemented projects will survive.

I did not go far enough to determine whether they replaced javascript or whether it was linked in. And so the same issues persist. It’s not any better except it behaves like an editor.