Richard Bucker

Oh my VMware

Posted at — Jan 28, 2019

For nearly two days my VMware host was pegged at 20% CPU and as a result the machine’s fan kept running. On the one-hand I have no idea why 20% warrants the fan except that it clearly generates a ton of heat. As for the guests they are 5 and each is under 3% so that did not cause much. I did notice that ETCD was pegged at 10G virtual ram and no matter what I did I was not able to reduce the footprint. Finally I managed a reboot of VMware and the system recovered. Now the fan is spinning at a much lower RPM.I like VMware in a certain number of use-cases. The most notable being experimentation, however, cloud systems like Digital Ocean make that even easier. It also means that I can build up and tear down much larger system groups. There is something to be said for on-premise systems but there are challenges there too. Distributing SSL certs is a big one and so is cradle to grave deployment. Scripting to DO makes things really simple… much easier than VMware APIs.