Richard Bucker

OMG Openbsd Is My Bitcoin

Posted at — Jan 13, 2022

Here I am in yet another sleep deprived morning. I’m still thinking about crypto currencies, giftcards, banks, acquiring processors, associations, exchange rates, reg-e, PCI, PII, HIPPA, secure computing, the pandemic, apocalypse, government, criminals, rich people, poor people, and passive income… and soccer practice, cheer team, and hip hop.

As I’m contemplating my belly button it ocurred to me that I’m not much better than the cult of coin. For the last 15 years and more strongly in the last 7 years I have had a sense of dread associated with hackers, Windows, MacOS, Linux, and poisoned supply chain. To combat the dread I started to take various stances. [a] OpenBSD was only a few million LOC and so it could be reasonably reasoned unlike Linux and potentially bootstrap compiled on a DOS machine. [b] it is generally safer than the other OS even if it’s just hacker ROI as there are fewer CVEs and “remote holes” is just advertising based on the default install/config. I’ve been trying to insure that my projects compile and run on OpenBSD so that I have that as a fallback.

In recent months I have been looking for a modern fully functioning laptop to run OpenBSD. For much of the same reason. The concern is that after I pealed away MacOS, Windows, Linux etc… I’d be left with one OS to bootstrap my digital universe or locale.


A few days ago I sent the leader of the OpenBSD project an email request. I tried to suggest that there was a business/market opportunity for OpenBSD if they would identify or specifically support a laptop FULLY. He took it as an afront and proceeded to lambast me. In his response he mentioned that he had two modern (mfgd in Nov 2021) laptops on his desk but did not elaborate. Google search did not identify any laptop that was production ready for OpenBSD with full support.

OpenBSD does not support BlueTooth and only somewhat supports fingerprints.


So as the grass was growing it finally ocurred to me. Exactly like crypto currencies, OpenBSD or any computer let alone any operating system is going to be the last thing that gets restarted after a complete crash. If a crash happened my priorities might not be these things.