Richard Bucker

OMG will stupid ever end

Posted at — Jul 31, 2019

I’m 5 minutes into my first Flutter training video and I’m hating it already. While I could go on and rant about flutter and it’s crap it’s just a trigger to a number of rants related to programming and dump trucks of stupid.The first piece of stupid the depths to which flutter and android development relies on java. At one point in time java had become the COBOL of our time. It was everywhere and could do everything. But then at some point the poison from Microsoft where their vast quantity of APIs and attempt to pollute java turned into C#. Now java is drowning in APIs and even worse stupid language features.For some reason golang has been the target of java programmers. For some reason they want classes and generics. Why on earth does someone want go to look like java? In that case just use java… the rest is just syntax.What’s next?For me I think we are looking at simple DSLs. Why wouldn’t you just take the 500 lines of code for a tcl interpreter and make it something that makes your next assignment easy to code and debug rather than something that is unreadable and subject to tech debt over time.Pendents are suggesting that perl is on it’s way out. Maybe. The syntax can make it a write only environment and the parrot engine tried to make perl more like java or python, in a sense, only forking the base and not really adding value after years of waiting.I could also make an argument for LUA. Here, game designers as well as Lightroom have embedded LUA as their scripting engine.My favorite memory of tcl is when it was part of the SNAP firewall/router tool chain.