Richard Bucker

One Big Prepper Mistake

Posted at — May 7, 2020

2018 we bought a new LG fridge. This model was one of the nicer models and one that was well rated on comsumer reports. And things were nice for about the first year. We are not in the second year, with an extended warranty, and the freezer is starting to show signs of weakness. During the first service call we discovered there was a lot of link covering the heat exchange compartment. During the second service call the tech replaced the compressor. Unfortunately, it’s losing all ability to keep out food cold and frozen.

Since we were in the middle of the lockdown we have more groceries than normal. Both freezers are full. And as we started to make plans for the food that was defrosting we tried to buy a new chest freezer or even a 3rd fridge. We do some camping and weekend activities with the kids and a travel freezer would be great since icepacks don’t last long and they take up valuable capacity.

Now I’m trying to calm down and work my way through the problem only to realize that appliances are not the answer. I had forgotten that before all this crazy started I was looking into dehydrated and canned foods. Things that did not rely on electricity to store or cook.