Richard Bucker

One lost secret of Agile teams

Posted at — May 26, 2012

I recently wrote about Agile Anti Patterns and as the sun sets tonight I started thinking specifically about Agile teams. Historically there have been times when individual contributors have excelled and then times when teams functioned better. But the point I want to make to management…While there are times when teams function better than individuals the current research by Agile researchers who have a need and desire for Agile principles to be proven do not seem to take into considerationFor example:(10 years exp * 10 members) is not equal to (2 years exp * 10 members)but more interestingly:(10 years exp * 20 members) is still not equal to (2 years exp * 10 members)The one thing that most Agile project managers do not convey is that there is no substitute for individual maturity as a component of working on a team and there is also no substitute for experience when solving problems in the same problem space.Consider this… 100 of the smartest college grads and maybe even PHDs from MIT are not likely to get a rocket like the Dragon to the ISS on the first try. While there may be some of these resources on the team they are not the driving force. I’m certainly not writing a $100 check for a grad student’s senior project let alone $10B to go into space.