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One Pager - Who Moved My Cheese -- Johnson

Posted at — Oct 3, 2012

At various times in a person’s life they may react to change in many different ways. Johnson provides a classification akin to mice and their cheese. The 4 rodent behavior types are:

Sniff - “sniff’s out change early” - this rodent senses that change is coming and prepares early looking for new cheese.

Scurry - “scurries into action” - this rodent is never satisfied with the current stash of cheese and is always on the move looking for more cheese.

Hem - “denies and resists change as he sees it will lead to something worse” - this rodent will consume the current stash of cheese and once finished might still not be inclined to look more cheese thinking that the cheese might come to him.

Haw - “learns to adapt when he sees changing can lead to something better” - this rodent is waiting for for proof that there is something better out there.

And in summary Johnson directs us to the handwriting on the wall:

Change Happens - they keep moving the cheese

Anticipate Change - get ready for the cheese to move

Monitor Change - smell the cheese often so you know when it’s getting old

Adapt to Change Quickly - the quicker you let go of old cheese the sooner you can enjoy the new cheese

Change - move with the cheese

Enjoy Change - savor the adventure and enjoy the tase of the new cheese

Be Ready to Change Quickly And Enjoy It Again and Again - they keep moving the cheese

In Summary: “Move with the Cheese and enjoy it”