Richard Bucker

One Stop Shopping

Posted at — May 20, 2019

As I was tripping over my abundance of day packs and being frustrated that my new sleeping pad did not fit in my day pack I was reminded of a few facts. First that my Gossamer Gear Kumo 36 is just 10 more liters than the Gossamer Gear day pack and only a fraction heavier. And while I’m trying to turn my day pack into a UL or SUL pack I’m realizing that  I’m trading out a lot of comfort as I discovered when I tried to pack my foam sleeping pad.But as I later realized I have been mixing and matching my gear as most hikers do and that seems to create some of my chaos. For example Gossamer Gear has everything a ground hiker needs except a net tent and or sleeping bags and pillows. The strange bit is that some items are disproportionately expensive. Just look at the trekking poles.Sea to Summit, another outfitter also has a lot of great gear. They fill in many of the gaps by being a 4 season company and offering everything you might need for camping or hiking. That includes hammocks and tents. However, most of their gear is meant for camping and not hiking and so it can be a challenge to find the exact piece of kit.I’m wandering around this conversation in my head and I’m falling back on wanting an amazon wish-list that with one click all my hiking needs would be fulfilled.UPDATE one thing I seem to have forgotten to mention is that the lighter you go the more volume you seem to need. AND the more you compress that light gear the more damage you do to it.