Richard Bucker

Open Letter to Bear Butt Team

Posted at — Aug 20, 2016

I literally stumbled upon your website and products as I was in search for my first hammock. I had previously found hobo hammocks and while I liked their mission statement I was less inspired by your own mission.“He also knew he didn’t want to get a J.O.B."Maybe calling it a job instead J.O.B. would have given me a different opinion. Maybe he/they meant something else… but after seeing many different hammock re-sellers on Amazon and in one case identical artwork, specs and descriptions as another Amazon seller I was left with the opinion that Bear Butt was merely branding a generic hammock.I could be wrong but I do not see or recognize any passion or vision in this company. I see a couple of twenty somethings that do not want to do the necessary work whether it’s college or entrepreneurial spirit and rely on social advertising to do the work for them.Passive annuity still requires some work.I think John Cusack’s character sums it up nicely. He’s also not the kind of guy I want marrying my daughters.