Richard Bucker

Open Letter to Google - Chromecast Kiosk Mode

Posted at — Aug 15, 2015

Dear Googlers,In my day to day life I develop software for my employer, customers, myself and my family. In my business and personal life I have fully adopted the Google lifestyle and ecosystem. I have 3 Chromeboxes, 4 Chromebooks, 1 Chromecast and a Nexus 6. I’ve also registered a few domains with the FREE Google Apps product. And finally I have a few Google Compute Engine and App Engine instances.I’m about to embark on an experiment to develop some Kiosk apps for my clients operations staff. There will be some sales charting, call queue, as well as messages for the CSRs.My challenge is that the Chromecast Kiosk-mode information is strictly limited. Many links are dead. And then there is the constant reminder that everything is “Google for Work”. I thought I had a FREE GFW account but maybe I don’t. I thought to create a one-off GFW account so that I could experiment because $5/mo is cheaper than $25/mo. And I could always cancel the account where my primary domain needs to remain FREE-ish.While I think I could get $25 of value just managing my devices I think I could get the same value with a $5-single-user domain.If you really want to convert me to a paying account other than just slamming my account or whittling down the number of FREE domains you’d go a long way to winning some more hearts and minds. Or at least the rest of mine.