Richard Bucker

Open Letter to Skype, Microsoft et. al.

Posted at — Dec 19, 2015


I use Skype, not because it’s the best VOIP solution but because it appears to most as the defacto leader. The good news is that you seem to be working on features and bug fixes. The bad news is that every time I receive an update you ask me if I want to add more friends.

Stop asking. I’m never going to say yes
if I ever wanted to add friends I know how to let you crawl my address book

Finally… you need to get your browser WebRTC working. I’m tired of not getting Skype working on my ChromeOS desktop. Dragging my MacBook and my Pixel around is getting very old. (Skype for Android is not reliable as Bluetooth support only works sometimes).

Stop asking ‘cause I’m not telling.