Richard Bucker

open source -- you suck

Posted at — Oct 12, 2019

I’m having a bad day but in the calm of the moment some things are clear to source sucksI’m just a minion programmer and I’ve always railed again using Microsoft tools. My reasons are many. But while I have had great success with open source there was a time when “they” did quality work. People used to take pride in their work and professional reputation meant something. Now people just throw whatever spaghetti code they can against the wall and hope it sticks. (with few exceptions)The flutter team sucks and it’s a suckier product. Too ambitious and too many volunteers trying to impress the hiring team.So I understand when you use open source tools and there is a problem and you want some help. On the one side you either have to share your code and IP or you have to hire contractors and get NDA, legal and mgmt involved. This sort of thing can be project suicide.On the other hand try going with Microsoft. Management feels the warm embrace of the support contract but then as a tech getting past the frontline is yet another barrier to entry. In almost every way this is a complex pain in the ass. There was a time when, at IBM or Microsoft, one could escalate. There was a sales person or a manager or a director that you knew and that you could leverage for better help. But it took patience.Open source has none of that.I have a partial answer for that but it’s for another day.